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Bette Paul
Bette Paul
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Nurses: Katie Goes To College by Bette Paul
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Nurses: Katie Goes To College
Look out St Agatha’s Hospital, here I come!

It’s the moment Katie’s been dreaming of for years. At last she’s off to nursing college. And she’s determined to make the very most of being a student…

Soon she’s leading a hectic life, organizing the student summer revue as well as studying an working on the wards. She enjoys directing the revue so much that she starts to wonder what she really wants to do with her life. Is nursing the right career for Katie after all?
Paperback, Young Adult fiction, Large print (16pt Tyresius),
160 pages
ISBN: 978-1-905665-09-9
Price: £9.99

Nurses: Nikki, Nick and Barbara by Bette Paul
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Nurses: Nikki, Nick and Barbara

Barbara has always loved singing, but her accompanist wants more commitment from her, and to go for the big time.  Nursing and singing don't mix, which means Barbara has a big decision to make.


Nikki feels she has nothing in common with her community nursing patients, until she realises that some problems are the same wherever you are.  Now she needs the courage to face her own problems...


Nick is not looking forward to nursing a lot of little kids, but once he starts, soon finds he is having a good time.  He soon starts thinking about his own childhood, and and things he hasn't thought about since he was a boy.  Maybe this term could be more important than he expected...

Paperback, Young Adult fiction, Large Print, 482 pages
ISBN: 978-1-905665-44-0
Price: £13.99
Nurses: Claire & Jan
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Nurses: Claire & Jan

Claire's looking forward to getting back to St Ag's for the new term.  Working in Accident and Emergency sounds so exciting - and of course, Jan will be back too.  She can't wait to be with him again...  But somehow the term doesn't work out quite as she'd planned.  It's tough on the ward - and so easy to make mistakes.  Jan seems cold and distant... and then there's her dashing cousin Patrick.  He seems keen to pay her lots of attention - but what exactly is he up to?


It's only a few months since Jan was among the tanks and soldiers in his country's civil war, so training as a nurse in England ought to be a soft option.  If only he could leave behind those terrible memories...  But the memories keep coming back.  And when he's given a new placement in the Mental Health department, Jan knows this term won't be easy.  How can he help the mental health patients when he's finding it so difficult to keep himself together?

Paperback, Young Adult fiction, Large Print, 311 pages
eBook in the following formats - Adobe eBook Reader, Microsoft Reader and MobiPocket.
ISBN: 978-1905665433
Price: £12.99



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