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Frances Mary Hendry
Frances Mary Hendry
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Frances Mary Hendry
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Frances says:

"I always wanted to be a brain surgeon, but my father said he didn’t think I had the necessary dedication. So I became an English teacher instead, like 23 of my family in the last three generations. (This has probably saved a lot of lives.) At least I learned the bits of books that young people skip, and avoid writing them.

After twenty years I had a nervous breakdown; no fun while it lasted, but it changed my life. My mother told me about a competition run by the BBC and a Scottish publisher, to write a book which would be published and serialised for radio, and niggled me into trying. The competition was called ‘Quest for a Kelpie’; I misunderstood, and wrote a book of that name – and won! Thanks, mum.

I’ve had over a dozen books published. Three have won awards, so I must be doing something right.

My interests are history (until men started to wear trousers), gardening, embroidery, and especially amateur drama. I write and produce pantos, and sometimes act in them, usually as a dragon or a witch: typecasting.

I live in Nairn, in Scotland, where several of my books are set".
  • Quest for a Kelpie
    Canongate - reissued by Floris Books (1986)

  • Quest for a Maid
    Canongate - reissued by Floris Books (1988)

  • Quest for a Babe
    Canongate Publishing Ltd (1990)

  • Quest for a Queen Trilogy
    - The Falcon, Canongate (1989)
    - The Lark, Canongate (1992)
    - The Jackdaw, Canongate 1993)

  • Jenny
    Hamish Hamilton (1991)

  • Chandra
    Oxford University Press (1995)

  • Kidnap! [as Fiona Kelly]

  • The Seer’s Stone
    Henderson Publishing plc (1996)

  • Atlantis
    Oxford University Press (1997)

  • Atlantis in Peril
    Oxford University Press (1998)

  • Chains
    Oxford University Press (2000)

  • The Crystal Palace
    Scholastic (2001)

  • The ’45 Rising
    Scholastic (2001)

  • Gladiatrix Trilogy
    - Victoria, Hodder (2004)
    - Victrix, Hodder (2004)
    - Gladiatrix, Hodder (2005)

  • Angel Dancer
    Barrington Stoke (2004)

  Published Books
Quest for a Kelpie  
Quest for a Maid  
Quest for a Babe  
Quest for a Queen Trilogy  
Kidnap! [as Fiona Kelly]  
The Seer’s Stone  
Atlantis in Peril  
The Crystal Palace  
The ’45 Rising  
Gladiatrix Trilogy  
Angel Dancer  


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