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Simon Clark
Simon Clark
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Simon Clark
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Award-winning author Simon Clark has more than twenty horror novels to his credit. Many have won phenomenal cult followings world-wide, and enjoy brisk rights sales. Blood Crazy continues to be reprinted in English and foreign language editions, and is optioned for film. Vampyrrhic brings visitors to North Yorkshire to explore its atmospheric locations. The Night of the Triffids (winner of a British Fantasy Society award) continues the story of John Wyndham’s celebrated novel, The Day of the Triffids. Simon has also written for BBC Radio 4 and contributed to popular magazines and anthologies. He lives in his native Yorkshire with his wife and children.


Simon Clark was raised in a household of story-tellers. Family legends tell of a human skull buried in the back garden. Simon’s father, a history teacher, would point out innocuous looking fields that were the sites of battles and other momentous events, so Simon grew up knowing that there are fascinating stories to be found beneath the surface of ordinary places.


He confesses to wanting to become an author from an early age. ‘I lived in a little Yorkshire village far away from the world of publishing. Yet I longed to become a writer -- stories flowed in my veins, or so it seemed to me. Tantalizingly, on my newspaper round, lived a husband and wife writing team. It was such an amazing occupation that I peeked through the letterbox as I delivered their papers. The female half of the team later worked for a famous women’s magazine. I sold five stories to her before I plucked up the courage to reveal that I was once her paperboy.


‘Being a writer is an extraordinary career. I love telling stories for a living. It’s also led to fascinating journeys across the world. I’ve been guest of honour at conferences in the States, and given readings at literary festivals. A memorable talk was to a room full of serial killers in a maximum security prison. I’m six foot five but I was still perturbed when the prison guards sat quite some distance from me and my eager audience.’  


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  • His Vampyrrhic Bride
    Severn House (2012)

  • Nailed By The Heart
    Hodder Headline (1995)

  • Blood Crazy
    Hodder Headline (1995)

  • Darker
    Hodder Headline (1996)

  • King Blood
    Hodder Headline (1997)

  • Vampyrrhic
    Hodder Headline(1998)

  • The Fall
    Hodder Headline(1998)

  • Judas Tree
    Hodder Headline (1999)

  • Darkness Demands
    Dorchester (2001)

  • The Night of the Triffids
    Hodder Headline (2001)

  • Stranger
    Dorchester (2002)

  • Vampyrrhic Rites
    Hodder Headline (2003)

  • The Dalek Factor
    Telos (2004)

  • In This Skin
    Leisure (2004)

  • The Tower
    Leisure (2005)

  • London Under Midnight
    Severn House (2006)

  • Death’s Dominion
    Leisure (2006)

  • This Rage of Echoes
    Leisure (2007)

  • Lucifer’s Ark
    Severn House (2007)

  • The Midnight Man
    Severn House (2008)

  • Vengeance Child
    Severn House (2008)

  • Ghost Monster
    Leisure (2009)
  • Blood & Grit
    BBR Books (1990)

  • Salt Snake & Other Bloody Cuts
    Silver Salamaan (1999)

  • Hotel Midnight
    Robert Hale (2005)

  • Midnight Bazaar
    Robert Hale (2007)

  • Whitby Vampyrrhic
    Severn House (2010)

  • The Gravedigger's Tale - Fables of Fear
    Robert Hale (2010)

From the reviews: -

'Britain's greatest living horror writer.' SFX

‘Clark has the ability to keep the reader looking over his shoulder to make sure that sudden noise you hear is just the summer breeze rattling the window … this should keep you shaking.’ CNN.com


Washington Post on The Night of the Triffids: 'Inventive and fast moving - good old fashioned fun.'

‘Not since I discovered Clive Barker have I enjoyed horror so much’ Nightfall


‘The pleasure of reading Blood Crazy is immense. I loved it both as a novel and an experience’ Shivers

'Simon Clark is a wonderful writer. He has what it takes to be another Stephen King.' Bentley Little, Hellnotes


Night of the Triffids
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Her Vampyrrhic Heart
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His Vampyrrhic Bride
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