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Susan Skinner

Susan Skinner

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Susan Skinner / Holliday

Susan has always enjoyed writing, illustrating and performing. As she needed to earn a living, a classroom seemed to be the ideal place in which to do all these things, so she became a teacher.


A little later she married and had three children, all of whom needed stories. Then, when her sister died, Susan and her husband inherited another four children. At this point there was a necessary gap in her creative work. All was not lost however. A few years later she was invited to go on the quiz show Busman’s Holiday. It was then Susan introduced herself to millions as a poet! She has never looked back.


Susan has won numerous prizes for her poetry including the Julia Cairns first prize for poetry (Society of Women Writers) four times, the Kent & Sussex Poetry Society first prize, third prize in an Open University Shakespeare Society sonnet competition. Her poems and articles have appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies including Outposts, Envoi, Acumen, Weyfarers Childrens’ Magazine.


Susan also writes under the name Susan Holliday.



  • Fifteen and Falling
    Pollinger In Print

  • Edward Johnston Master Calligrapher
    British Library (2006)

    Edited and compiled by Susan Skinner

  • Little Dorrit - Peter Haddock Imprint
    An abridgement

  • Island Sisters - Redlake Press (2006) Sequence of poems

  • Secret Journey - John Hunt (2005)
    Poems & Prayers from around the world

  • A Book of Graces - John Hunt (2001)
    Collected and illustrated by Susan Skinner

  • Alice in Wonderland - Hodder (2001)
    An adaptation

  • S.O.S Shark! - Editions Vizavi (2000)
    Picture book translated from French

  • Riding the Storm - Pont Books (2000) Teenage novel

  • The Dream Cave - Pont Books (1997) Teenage novel

  • Alien - LDA (1997)
    Play for readers with difficulties

  • Monet’s Garden (Headland 1995)
    Poetry collection

  • The Minnow Catching Boys
    Headland Press (1995)
    Poetry collection

  • The Rag and Bone Boy - LDA (1993)
    Short novel for readers with difficulties

  • The Time Street Gang - LDA (1993)
    Short novel for readers with difficulties

  • Study Activity Book - EPB (1992)
    GCSE support material


  • Sacred Symbols
Fifteen and Falling
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  Published Works
Fifteen and Falling  
Edward Johnston Master Calligrapher  
Little Dorrit (Abridgement)  
Island Sisters  
Secret Journey  
A Book of Graces  
Alice in Wonderland
S.O.S Shark!  
Riding the Storm  
The Dream Cave  
Monet's Garden  
The Minnow Catching Boys  
The Rag and Bone Boy  
The Time Street Gang  
Study Activity Book  
  Work In Progress  
Sacred Symbols  


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