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Vince Cross
Vince Cross
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Vince Cross  

In 1980 Vince Cross left behind a promising career teaching religious education to teenagers with every intention of becoming a writer. But the lure of rock’n’roll proved too great, and he passed the next decade and a half stoking the ‘star-maker machinery of popular song’.


On the way he wrote and produced million-selling cassettes of music for children, composed the music for an acclaimed TV animation eventually sold to more than fifty countries, and penned the words and music for a number of stage shows which have wowed holidaying crowds at Butlins’ holiday camps.


He has managed a professional recording studio, written jingle packages and TV commercials, and composed and arranged the music for more than 7,000 songs which today help millions of children learn English all around the globe.


In 1997 he wrote a first children’s novel for Piccadilly Books about aggressive in-line skating : ‘MC3 Get In Line’. Shortly afterwards OUP published a picture book of his poems illustrated by Robin Bell Corfield : ‘All The Year Round’.


Since joining Pollinger he has written two of Working Partners/Macmillan’s highly successful ‘Puppy Patrol’ series, and seven books for Scholastic’s ‘My Story’ series, one of which ‘Blitz : The Diary of Edie Benson’ has attracted particular attention. Vince's most recent book published by Scholastic in September 2014, 'I Was There... Alone In The Trenches', tells the incredible true story of a young girl lost in the trenches and how the soldiers she met there helped her find her family. It is the perfect introduction for younger readers into stories from the past, allowing children to imagine that they were really there. Vince has also written two non-fiction careers books for John Hunt Publishing. One is about sport. The other shares valuable hints on how to make it in the music biz. Not.



  • I Was There...Alone In The Trenches
    Scholastic (2014)

  • Hero At Dunkirk
    Scholastic (My True Story series 2010)

  • Princess Of Egypt
    Schoolastic (My Story series 2008)

  • The A Club
    Lion (2008)

  • Zulu War : Jabulani - Africa 1879-1882
    Scholastic (My Story Series 2002)

  • Civil War : Thomas Adamson - England 1643-1650
    Scholastic (My Story Series 2002)

  • Do What? The Sports Industry
    John Hunt (2002)

  • Do What? The Music Business
    John Hunt (2002)

  • Blitz : The Diary of Edie Benson : London 1940-1941
    Scholastic (My Story 2001)

  • Two's company : Puppy Patrol 31
    Macmillan/Working Partners (2000)

  • Superdog : Puppy Patrol 22
    Macmillan/Working Partners (1999)

  • MC3 Get In Line
    Piccadilly (1997)

  • All The Year Round (with artist Robin Bell Corfield)
    OUP (1997)

  • Sing A Song Of Sixpence (With artist Nick Sharratt)
    OUP (1997)

  • Christian Worship (with Peter Taylor)
    Holt, Rinehart & Winston (1985)

  • Jesus
    Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1984 : non-fiction

  • My Story: The Berlin Olympics
    (Scolastic 2012)
I Was There..Alone In The Trenches
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Hero At Dunkirk
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Zulu War : Jabulani - Africa 1879-1882  
Civil War : Thomas Adamson - England 1643-1650  
Do What? The Sports Industry  
Do What? The Music Business  
Blitz : The Diary of Edie Benson : London 1940-1941  
Two's Company : Puppy Patrol 31  
Superdog : Puppy Patrol 22  
MC3 Get in Line  
All The Year Round  
Sing A Song Of Sixpence  
Christian Worship  
My Story: The Berlin


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