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Alan Moorehead
Alan Moorehead
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Alan Moorehead

Writing on war showed him to be 'more than a first-class reporter. He is an artist.' (The Observer)


Alan Moorehead was lionised as the literary man of action: the most celebrated war correspondent of World War II; author of award winning books; star travel writer of The New Yorker; pioneer publicist of wildlife conservation. At the height of his success, his writing suddenly stopped and when, 17 years later, his death was announced, he seemed a heroic figure from the past. His fame as a writer gave him the friendship of Ernest Hemingway, George Bernard Shaw and Field Marshall Montgomery and the courtship and marriage of his beautiful wife Lucy Milner.

After 1945, he turned to writing books, including Eclipse, Gallipoli (for which he won the Duff Cooper Prize), The White Nile, The Blue Nile, and finally, A Late Education. He was awarded an OBE in 1946, and died in 1983, aged 73.

  Selected Novels
  The African Trilogy
The Desert War
White Nile (1960)
Blue Nile (1962)
Gallipoli (1956)
Coopers Creek (1963)
The Villa Diana (1951) Montgomery - A Biography (1946)
Eclipse (1946)
Rage of the Vulture (1948)
The Traitors (1952)
Rum Jungle (1953)
A Summer Night (1954) Winston Churchill In Trial and Triumph (1955)
The Russian Revolution (1958) No Room in the Ark (1959)
The Fatal Iimpact: an account of the Invasion of the South Pacific 1767-1840 (1966) Darwin and the Beagle (1969)
A Late Education Episodes in a life - autobiography (1970)
Of Beasts and Men - a collection of his animal writing
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