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Charles Sissions
Charles Sisson
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Charles Sisson

C. H. Sisson was an outstanding writer and translator, as well as an ardent defender of traditional Anglicanism, which was often expressed through his poetic works and perhaps best shown in Is There A Church of England? (published in 1993).


Sisson read English and Philosophy at Bristol University. He was consoled by the writings of T. E. Hulme while berating the sentimentalities of the likes of W. H. Auden and Cecil Day Lewis. His poetry evoked the melancholy of passing time while exploring the human condition in fresh, conversational style. He was also enveloped by the literature of England and had a deep sense of reverence for the enduring institutions of the country.


After leaving University, Sisson traveled extensively in Germany and France and his time in the army was spent mainly on the North West front of India. It was not until he returned to England that he started writing with his first collection of poems, The London Zoo, being published in 1961. In between this and the publication of his next poetry collection he wrote and gained critical success with Christopher Homm. He was also a renowned critic; he was against the liberalism of the Victorians and the idyllic belief of progression, and he also attacked literary institutions such as W. B. Yeats, T. S. Eliot, Wilfred Owen and D. H. Lawrence.


  Selected Works

The London Zoo (1961)
Numbers (1965)
Metamorphoses (1968)
In The Trojan Ditch (1974)
Anchises (1976)
Exactions (1980-83)
Night Thoughts and Other Chronicles (1982-1983)
God Bless Karl Marx! (1987)
Antidotes (1991)

Criticism and Autobiography
The Avoidance of Literature: Collected Essays
English Poetry 1900-1950
Anglican Essays
On the Lookout: A Partial Autobiography
In Two Minds: Guesses at Other Writers
English Perspectives: Essays on Liberty and Government

Christopher Homm
An Asiatic Romance

Virgil: The Aeneid
Date: The Divine Comedy
Horace: The Poetic Art
Lucretius: The Poem on Nature
Du Bellay: The Regrets
La Fontaine: Some Tales
The Song of Roland



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