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Irving Stone
Irving Stone
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Irving Stone (1903-1989)

The biographical novel is a true and documented story of one human being’s journey across the face of the years, transmuted from the raw material of life into the delight and purity of an authentic art form – Irving Stone


Thus Irving Stone, describing the genre which he made peculiarly his own. Not only is he a master of the biographical novel. He virtually invented it - a hybrid form of writing; the fictionalised biography bringing together his talents as a novelist and researcher - and turned it into a bestselling tradition lasting over fifty years. His internationally acclaimed works have sold more than thirty million copies worldwide, and have been translated into sixty languages and dialects.


Included among his numerous acclaimed and internationally bestselling works are Lust For Life, The Agony and The Ecstasy, Men to Match My Mountains, Immortal Wife, The Passions of the Mind, The Greek Treasure and The Origin.


An indefatigable researcher, he travelled widely in pursuit of the detail which gives his work such depth and conviction.

  Selected Works
  Lust For Life (1954)
Immortal Wife (1950)
Adversary in the House (1947)
Depths of Glory (1985)


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